Apple Spice To Matcha: Tea Blends From This Store Are Made To Perfection

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Tea Trunk

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What Makes It Awesome

Brainchild of Snigdha Manchanda, Tea Trunk sources its high quality leaves from estates all over India. They infuse the leaves with natural ingredients and supply leaves that are only whole and fresh. Packed in adorable tin boxes featuring a cute elephant, these wonderful tea mixes won't disappoint you with dusty-grainy leftovers. No seriously, check their online store, you'll spend a lot of time just admiring the packaging.

We loved their marigold green tea, an enchanting brew combining the flavours of lemongrass, marigold and organic green tea; this blend is known to improve digestion and will compliment your detox regime. If you want to curb your caffeine consumption, we highly recommend you try the Lavender White Tea that is a decadent blend low in caffeine and is also a mild cure for insomnia. Now that it's hotter, we also got their Hibiscus Iced Green Tea mix that we brewed up in 5 minutes and added a ton of ice to so we could sip it immediately. 

Other popular tea blends are the apple spice black tea (a blend inspired by mulled wine and scented with the fruity flavours of apple, orange and cherry), the blue pea green tea (it's actually blue!) and, our recent favourite, the cacao matcha green tea (packed with the health benefits of matcha and a chocolatey cacao flavour). 

Price: INR 245 for a sampler pack or INR 475 for 15 teabags onwards

What Could Be Better

We know that tea blends are what Tea Trunk does best, but maybe a few more options on the teaware front would've been nice. 

Pro Tip

Order Tea Trunk's sampler packs first. That way, you'll be able to try multiple options and will discover a favourite you can buy a bigger pack of later.


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