A Teens Needs Just 1 Day To Stitch Jeans That Fit Like A Glove

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Our memories of Mohan Singh Place go back to college when we were young, cheap and restless, and one shop that’s kept up with our style demands is A Teens. They’ve perfected every fit and have consistently delivered on very short deadlines for stitched dresses, jeans, shirts, formal suits and more.

Singh Is King

Mohan Singh can be quite a jungle to navigate with its many shops squeezed into every crevice. To make the search a little simpler, we tried a few shops and found ourselves literally coming back to the start {A Teens is the first shop as you enter}.

The variety of denim at this one is satisfying and they’re mostly light-weight fabrics. The best part: You can get bootcut, super skinny, boyfriend, straight, relaxed or any other experimental style, no matter how ridiculous, at INR 800 for women and INR 1,000 for men.

A Teens; More Like A Team

They’re professional and have expert tailors who can accommodate last minute suits, dresses, shirts, blazers and more with a smile…it always helps if you gave them a sample or at least have representative photos saved to whatsapp them for reference.

If you’re looking for extra embellishments and cool stash like funky buttons, patches and more, walk up to shop no. 33.


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