Get These Biodegradable Sanitary Pads And Have Yourself A Green Cycle

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What Makes It Awesome

Menstrual hygiene has been in the back seat for the longest time now. However, with people becoming more aware and conscious of what they're using in their everyday lives, organisations like Triar Health & Hygiene, working in the sustainable health sector are becoming prominent with their organic alternatives. 

TenderU by Triar are bio-degradable sanitary pads for teenagers and young women like us who are tired of having to use plastic pads every month. Not to forget, the irritable rashes and allergies that accompany those mass-produced sanitary napkins. So, if you're looking to get rid of the utter discomfort caused by them and aren't very comfortable using tampons or menstrual cups, these will work like magic. 

TenderU's sanitary pads are chemical-free with breathable and highly absorbent multi-layers that are UV-sterilised. In other words, no icky allergies or bacterial infections, woohoo. These are ultra-thin pads that come in a medium size (240mm). It's time you make that switch and give this sustainable alternative a shot. 


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