Ten Second Takeaway

The Artful Baker serves a melange of French confectionery items, bread and savoury bites and is becoming an increasingly popular breakfast spot, especially among joggers who frequent the nearby Lodhi Gardens.

Chow Down

Herbed Chicken Sourdough, Vegetable Quiche, Montecristo

Sip On

Watermelon Cold Pressed Juice, French Press Coffee

Winning For

For their uber-friendly staff and cutesy decor, reminiscent of a Parisian cafe

Savouring The Savoury


They have a range of quiches, vol-au-vents and pizza slices which, we were assured, are all baked fresh daily. Among these, the Herbed Chicken Sourdough stood out for us, with its mild garlicky flavour and tangy tones. The chicken vol-au-vent was just about okay, not something we’d go back for, but surprisingly, it was the vegetable quiche with its mix of zucchini, eggplant and cheese which took the cake.

We’d also highly recommend munching on their uber flaky croissants {the almond’s the best, in our opinion, or the simple butter croissant if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth} and the crispy pain au chocolat; the chocolate filling was beautiful.

A Sweet Slice Of Paris

Their display had us drooling the minute we entered: Rows upon rows of creamy, crusty, flaky, pretty-as-a-picture desserts. We zeroed in on a few of the options, namely the Millefeuille {which, in addition to the usual vanilla custard, also has a layer of hazelnut custard here}, the Montecristo {chocolate mousse with an almond crunch base} and the Raspberry Melange.

Each bite {with eyes closed} transported us to the banks of the Seine, and whereas the Millefeuille and Raspberry Melange have made it to our list of favourite desserts in Delhi, the Paris Brest didn’t quite hit the spot.

Other highlights include the generously-sized chocolate muffins {these are accompanied by a chocolate injection so you can inject as per your preference} and the raspberry cheese tart which stands out in its stark simplicity.

Wash It Down With…


A glass {or in this case, a mason jar} of fresh watermelon or musk melon juice. They also stock Juice Up cold-pressed juices, in case you’re looking for takeaway options.

If you want to feel like you’re vacationing in Europe, we suggest ordering a hot coffee and sipping on it whilst you look out the large bay window {although the line of cars may just ruin this reverie}.

Though we’re bookmarking The Artful Baker for a quick breakfast on the go, it’s just as good for an evening snack.

Where: Shop 13B, Khan Market

Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market

Contact: +91 9871301095

Price: Starting at INR 175 {plus taxes} for a pastry

Timings: 8am – 10.30pm

Find them on Facebook here.