Get Rid Of Tan With This Papaya Face Scrub!

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Biotique papaya face scrub

What Makes It Awesome?

Biotique world Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub

Why is Exfoliation needed?
* Unclogs Pores
* Prevents Acne
* Helps Skincare products penetrate better
* It even skin tones
* It boosts circulation and Collagen
* makes skin smoother

Who can use it?
* Teenagers to Adults

How often to use?
Min once Max twice a week

Main ingredients?
* Papaya
* Haldi
* Neem

Would I Recommend?
Well, this is my 3rd bottle so of course #goforit

This is an excellent exfoliator. Very gentle on the skin and leaves a smoother surface.

I use it on my lips and body as well.
It does what it says, remove tanning as well.

I always follow it up with a mask.

Absolutely love thrift shopping when it comes to clothes. Colaba Causeway is my Fashion hub. And love skincare and makeup.