Love Bibimbap? This Tiny Korean Canteen In Gurgaon Is A Complete Hidden Gem!

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Don’t write Breeze Kitchen off because of how it looks – on most days you will only find Korean expats here so you know authenticity is on the menu.

Cuckoo For Korean

The menu is in Korean so you may need help from the servers when you’re ordering. We tried Tok Bokki {Tteok-bokki} which is essentially a serving of thick rice noodles with sauce, and is a bit of an acquired taste. We really liked the Soon Dae or dark, Korean sausages.

If you want to play it familiar, skip straight to the momos – the steamed kimchi momo are amazing. They also have Korean sushi {kimbap} but it’s the Deep-Fried Chicken that truly hits the spot!

Not Without Noodles

No Asian meal is complete without noodles so, for the main course, opt for the Bibim-Kuk-Su or wheat noodles that are usually served cold. We also liked the Tok Ramen which was a lot like instant ramen but with thicker noodles.

If you’re a rice person then choose the Bibimbap – this is most likely how Koreans make it at home. A big bowl of rice, loads of gochujang, vegetables, soybean paste, chicken or pork and a fried egg – mix it all up and dig in!

So, We're Saying...

Go to this little joint for the true taste of Korean home-style food; there may be a bit of a language barrier but it’s not an obstacle you can’t overcome.

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