The Burnt Soul's Printed Bags And Pouches Have Our Hearts

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The Burnt Soul

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Our weekly fix of retail therapy brought The Burnt Soul to our attention and we’re coveting their beautiful, artisanal tote bags and slings.

Got A Bag Case Of Blues

Turn your attention to their tote and laptop tote bags because you’re going to want one of each. The bags are printed in wonderful, neutral colours which makes them kinda sorta perfect for everyday use. Indigo, powder or navy – there’s lots of blue on their palette, in addition to creams, blacks and whites.

A big, all-encompassing, super sturdy yet dainty tote bag is a wardrobe essential and The Burnt Soul has lots of options {like this Sirohi Tote Bag that’s almost as versatile as denim jeans}.

What We Love

Having hauled both a handbag and a laptop bag to office, we understand the simple genius of a laptop tote bag. The Burnt Soul has lots of these and they’re all handmade and inspired by India’s heritage. We love this one, that is a legit life organiser.

The sling bags are very similar in aesthetic to their tote bags, but make for the perfect, whimsical brunch accessory.

So We’re Saying…

Priced at about INR 3,000 each, The Burnt Soul’s bags are great if you’ve been looking to replace your trusty, but slightly boring, laptop bag. When their workshop was destroyed by fire a few years ago, The Burnt Soul rebuilt their brand from the ashy remains.

The symbolism is beautiful – each bag represents the creation of something new from absolutely nothing. A bit like a phoenix, we think.


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