The Comfort Meal You Need: Dig Into A Perfect Pulled Pork Burger

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Sometimes you bump into a brand that leaves such an indelible mark that you keep going back to it for the comfort it first gave you. For me that's usually a food brand because there is no better comfort than a delicious hot meal. One such brand is Burgerama, founded by three friends who missed cheeseburgers so much, they created a delivery service that served up some of the finest. The good part about Burgerama is that despite travel time, they always reach adequately warm, moist, and fresh, that's not an easy feat for burgers but these guys manage it very well.

Over the past 3 years the brand has been constantly growing, pandemic, and lockdowns notwithstanding, they've recently opened their fifth outlet in Noida. For me, the most exciting part has been that they keep adding new stuff to their menu and creating new ways for customers to customize their orders. Now, they've brought back a signature burger on popular demand, their BBQ honey glazed pulled pork burger called: OINK OINK. In addition they recently launched Hot Wings which are the perfect way to start a meal. So this is a tribute post to welcome my all-time favorite burger back into the world and if you're not a 'pork' person then I suggest you start your Burgerama journey with the T Rex which is essentially a quarter pounder, or the Plain Jane if you're vegetarian. Don't forget to add the wings to the order and no matter how much you eat, keep space for the insanely good, 'Galaxy Bombs' for desserts, yes it's deep-fried galaxy chocolate and there is really a no better way to eat it

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