The Delhi Hyperlapse That Has Us Feeling Warm with Pride

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Ayush Dinker, armed only with a Canon and a tripod, has gifted the the city a hyperlapse of all its monuments and the stupendous ruins of Delhi’s Mughal architecture and Lutyen’s beauty. Made with over 5,000 photographs, this Go Delhi Go hyperlapse is the only one of its kind made in the subcontinent. So, watch it here and feel yourself swell with pride.

It took the filmmaker almost a month to complete this visual journey – from being a tourist, to a now-recent resident, to an avid cartographer of Delhi’s history. Reading up on Dilli on the side helped Ayush think up places that are not usually on the Dilliwala’s grid. He has received such great feedback that he now feels that this video is a ray of sunshine in the midst of Delhi’s often gory news stories.

We are absolutely blown away by the structure and symmetry that has been captured, and we can only imagine the painstaking effort behind it. Ayush reveals that every five-second-section of the hyperlapse required at least 15 to 30 minutes of slow moving-in towards the object. From Chandni Chowk’s busy lanes to CP’s tall arches, this video is for every Dilli-lover. Take this bit of your city’s glorious past and treasure it, for we have come a long way since then. Watch it, feel it, share it.


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