Yummy Cinnamon Rolls, Sweet Breads & More At The Dessert Show!

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I got to know about The Dessert Show from one of my friends and when I saw their menu, I got excited to order. Chef Ayushi gave me so many options and she sent me these which were simply amazing.

I had
- Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting - These were soft and the cream cheese added to its taste
- Almond cream sweet bread - yummy
- Kolaches the round ones - Had it for the first time and it was yummy
- The triangle cake is chocolate meringue cake - Heaven
- The big rectangle is chocolate moelleux - can't express my feelings as I am in love with it
- The small square is hazelnut dark chocolate cake - A must try
- Focaccia bread - Had it for the first time
Its highly recommended guys.

They are updating their menu and I get excited to try them even more.

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