Give Your Wardrobe A Japanese Touch With These Vibrant Harajuku T-Shirts

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    What Makes It Awesome

    The Drop Japan is a newly-launched online apparel brand with a bright and quirky range of t-shirts in the famed Japanese Harajuku style.

    What exactly is Harajuku style, you ask? Well, it's a kind of counter-culture style dating back to the early 1980s and started with youngsters in Japan donning bright and colourful clothes in complete contrast to the mainstream fashion of those times. The idea in Harajuku is to wear whatever you want, with no guidelines, and to express yourself as freely and differently as you like.

    The designs at The Drop Japan mimic this philosophy pretty well. On offer are t-shirts with demons, trolls, supernatural beings, Naruto, Himiko Toga - all part of Japanese literature and folklore. If anime is your thing, these tees are for you. There's also a Pikachu t-shirt that we really like and a '2020 - This Year Is Glitching' t-shirt which aptly portrays our feelings for this year. The Drop Japan's tees are all bio-washed and the prints are done with a direct to garment (DTG) machine which makes them super crisp.

    The Drop Japan's t-shirts are all priced at INR 1,400. They're on sale right now, so you can get them for as low as INR 699. Hurry!


    The same designs are available as crop tops as well. Do check them out.

      Available Online