Ten-Second Takeaway

An addition to the party places in Rajouri Garden, The Drunk House combines spacious seating and a chilled out ambience {complete with a large TV screen, an in-house DJ and a great area for gigs on the terrace}, without skimping on good food and drinks.  

Must Eat

Photo: Poulomi Paul/LBB

Photo: Poulomi Paul/LBB

For starters, we loved the Jangla Chicken, which comprised tender pieces of chicken cooked in a sweet and spicy sriracha sauce with vegetables. The cheesy Jalapeno Poppers and the Butter Chicken slider {minus any drippy gravy} are also worth a mention. Even basics like the paneer tikka and spaghetti are done very well.

They also have interesting dessert options: For larger groups, go for the chocolate pizza, which is covered with chocolate shavings, nuts and Cadbury Gems. For those looking for something low on sweet and high on health, the Kiwi Baked Yogurt is a fitting end to a calorific meal.

Must Drink

One drink to definitely try here is the Masala Beer {one they recommend, too}, which is a grown-up version of the banta, served in a tall glass with slices of lemon floating within. We also found the refreshing Whiskey Sour to be a great option to accompany our food.

What We Loved

With its multiple levels and roomy indoor plus outdoor spaces, The Drunk House is good for groups of any number of people. The place is well-lit and the ambience is upbeat, and the lounge atmosphere also does not descend into being shady at any point. The staff is quick and courteous even in the post 6pm rush, which is a bonus.

What Didn’t Impress Us

We found the music being played a bit too loud at times to sustain an easy conversation without shouting at each other to be heard.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

Evenings would be the best; drop by for a quick chug after work, or just schedule your meet-up plans with friends on the weekend {grab a rooftop seat while you’re at it to get a great view of the area at night}.

#LBBTip: You can check out the hookah here, too, they offer plenty of flavours. The place can also be booked for private bashes.

Featured Photo courtesy: The Drunk House