Have You Been To The {Original} Backyard At Punjabi Bagh?

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While we’re all familiar with The Backyard {now The Yard} at Aurobindo Marg, we equally like the quieter and saner first outlet at Club Road in Punjabi Bagh. The alcohol’s good and there’s some good Chinese seafood, so you might want to give this one a visit.

What's On The Menu?

With just a few tables, The Backyard serves more as a neighbourhood bar than a dining space. Even on a weekday afternoon, the place is full of Delhi’s young, gossiping over drinks and bar snacks. If you’re looking for a strong buzz, go for their signature shots: Death by Backyard {Red Bull + tequila + peach schnapps + Jagermeister} and Soju Bomb {Jinro + beer}. The menu includes multi-cuisine options, including Italian fare; the thin crust pizza and the buffalo wings are quite a hit with customers.

Lesser known fact: The Backyard also has an Oriental wing, with Sooyung, its Chinese counterpart, connected to the bar area by a glass door. This is more a family dinner place, as opposed to the happening bar it’s attached to, but it ends up attracting just as much of a crowd.

Try their dim sums, Pia Laad Phrik {whole fish in a Thai three flavour sauce} and Yeung Roll It {rice flour rolls}. They don’t serve shisha in this part of the establishment, though, so if you’re looking to make some smoke rings while enjoying the Chinese delights, you can order across either menu. Go wild, and mix and match as much you like.

So, We're Saying...

The Backyard and Sooyung make for a pretty convenient destination when you’re looking to catch up over a few drinks, and then proceed to wolf down a full-fledged dinner.

Photos source:  The Backyard via Instagram


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