Mac Gone Dead? This Nehru Place Shop Is Our Go-To For Repairs

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Got a pro-tip?

Ask for the main men - Gurmeet or Shahbaz - they know how to get a broken Mac back to life.

There's a constant stream of people going into their {small} shop in Nehru Place, so go early {they open at 11am} and be ready to elbow your way to the front.

What could have been better?

They're not very definite on timelines and need quite a bit of nagging to get stuff done.

How was your experience?

I've taken a Macbook Air and Macbook Pro to them, both of which have been lifeless. They've been able to bring them back to life both times by finding the root cause of the problem and repairing it.

I haven't had to go back for the same issue or an issue with a part they installed {yet}.

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