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The Hunger Games Edition II | Treasure Hunt in Lodhi with LBB

Editors posted on 14th November

Think amazing weather… and Amazing Race, only on familiar turf!

LBB presents the Hunger Games Edition II - the first of its kind, a treasure hunt in and around Lodhi!

If you came for our CP Treasure Hunt, and think you’ve got the format down pat, guess again. We’re upping the ante, and the fun factor, so put on your best game face and do your research. Clues to decode, and engaging tasks at each pit stop, you just never know where you might end up, and what you’re going to have to do to get your hands on that next clue!

We’re kicking off at India Habitat Centre, and sending you on an interactive hunt all over Lodhi Road. So you’ve eaten at Meherchand Market, and bought your treadmill at Lodhi Sports, but does that mean you know enough about the area? Sign up and find out!

May the clues and tasks be ever in your favour…

What to look forward to |

2 hours

10 teams {6 people each}

Numerous treasure troves {Don’t’ think numbers now, think about what those tasks could be!}

How it will work |

We flag off at India Habitat Centre at 2.15 pm.

For every clue your team cracks and arrives at the defined destination, there will be a task waiting for you.

Once the task has been performed successfully, and signed off on by the task representative, your next clue will be handed to you.

The hunt will take you through a range of spaces and places in the vicinity of Lodhi. Be prepared for some throwback moments, and some awesome discoveries!

The team that finishes the treasure hunt first wins an awesome surprise from Alphaq; check out their products, one of these could be yours! For everyone else, you'll be going home with some awesome Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic products {fear not gentlemen, they've got you covered as well}. Check out their products here.

Once all 10 teams reach the final destination, we’ll be waiting to listen to the fun stories you might want to share, at our picnic in the park, over specially curated fare from Bread & More! A boulangerie patisserie concept, Bread & More takes the traditional French favourites and gives them a modern twist. Boasting the city’s most authentic macarons, fluffiest croissants, and stone oven baked artisan breads, amongst a host of other European inspired goodies like quiches, tarts and tea cakes, and even options for the health conscious,  bookmark them as your go-to spot for tea and a treat with a friend, or to stock your pantry and refrigerator.

What will you have at your disposal?

We'll give you the LBB map for Lodhi, and for the rest, you'll have to rely on your team spirit and clue decoding abilities. But hey, we'll bring you an awesome feast for when you finish!

What/Where/When |

Where: Lodhi Road, flag off at India Habitat Centre

When: 22nd November, Saturday

Timings: Assemble at 2pm. Flag off at 2.15pm. The hunt ends at 5pm and is followed by complimentary snacks from Bread & More.

Charges: INR 600 per person, only!

60 spots only! Sign up as a team or solo. Each team must include ladies and gentlemen, in any ratio 

Sorry, we are sold out for this event! Stay tuned for more coming up!