Cactus Shaped Diffusers To Metallic Pineapple Pens: This Online Store Will Leave You Floored

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    What Makes It Awesome

    The Marie Kondo in all of us was instantly resurrected after going through The June Shop. A Kolkata based online store, The June Shop has gazillions (no exaggeration here, maybe a bit) of products ranging from home decor and kitchen accessories to stationery and even some gizmos. 

    Imagine this place to be a Walmart of quirky products, only virtually existent. Stay with us. The products at The June Shop will single-handedly make you chirpy with their adorable animal-shaped products. Folks at this place have literally let their imagination run wild. We're talking Wet Wipes Tin Can with Rabbits printed over it, Cactus Print Laundry Bag, Penguin Hot Water Bags (*gasping*), Pink Flamingo Lamp and... you get the gist, right? Their website is like an incessant pool, once in, you're only going to be adding everything to the wishlist - there's no coming out of it empty-handed. 

    More often than not, we're at an inevitable crossroad when it comes to gifting. This place is flooded with gifts that are most definitely out of the ordinary and we won't end up gifting people the same 'ol stuff. Doughnut luggage tags, slender Temperature Flasks, Beer Bottle Lamps, Printed Shoulder Bags - the options are endless. If you're planning to gift some stationery, you won't be disappointed. These guys have Ice-cream Pens, Tortoise (and tons of other animal-shaped) Pinboard, Popsicle Highlighters and more. You can also shop for a whole bunch of other things like travel accessories, cutlery & crockery, eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes and the likes. Whatever cutesy (and convenient) stuff we see on the Gram can be bought here, things that we need to make our everyday lives easier. Apart from being highly convenient, their products are also economical. If you're on a tight budget, you can check out their "Gift under INR 500" section, it's pretty cool. 

    Price: INR 99 onwards. 


    They have quite a sale going on at the moment and also offer free shipping across India. Need we say more? Get shopping! 

      Available Online