This Asian Restaurant Has Stellar Dim Sum & A Champagne Buzzer We'll Keep Going Back For

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What Makes It Awesome

The Kimono Club is a swanky restaurant at The Chanakya doing stellar Japanese and Chinese fare. It's a beautiful space with a 40-foot whisky bar, a stunning wine wall, a glass ceiling, and a restaurant full of corners you'd want to click a million pictures of!  

The food too, is a work of art here. We started our meal at The Kimono Club with the most refreshing cold salads like the Cucumber with Garlic and Chilli, the cherry tomato salad, and the spinach and sesame salad. We're not usually big fans of all things that taste and feel healthy, but these salads definitely changed our mind with their freshness, and balanced flavours. However, what sealed our love affair with The Kimono Club are the dim sum here. They've got a variety of dim sum with everything from prawn and lobster to duck, chicken, and even kale and spinach. Our favourite out of the lot though, was the Black Pepper Fish dim sum. Its filling is soup-like comforting, and with hints of pepper, it's everything we'd want for dinner (breakfast, and lunch too) during winter. The other types of dim sum we tried, the Morning Glory & Water Chestnut, and the Prawn in Chilli Oil were ace too, so make sure that that you leave enough room for those. 

Another dish that deserves a special mention here is the Dehydrated Lotus Root with honey, pepper & schezwan sauce. It's crispy, has just the right amount of tangy-spicy kick, and it's everything you'd go back home thinking about. Last but definitely  not the least, you have to order the Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart. It has a smooth chocolate-y taste that is undercut by just the right hint of sea salt. This dessert also comes with orange jelly-like pieces that add another level of texture. 

As you probably already know, we overate that night. But then again, it was a good night with memories of nothing but a good, good meal. 

What Could Be Better

Honestly, nothing. But we do admit that you'd want to save a meal here for celebratory date nights or payday parties (basically, when you don't mind splurging a little). 

Pro Tip

They offer a champagne buzzer option on every table. So, if you press the same, a bartender will come to your table to prepare a champagne cocktail in front of you (hey, it's fun to watch). 

Also, they have Geisha nights on Saturdays and Kimono Boys night on Thursdays, so drop by on these days in case you wish to enjoy your food with live performances. 

Just FYI, the place gets packed during the weekend and on Fridays post 8pm, so you might want to drop by a bit early to get a table.


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