The LoveDoctor Answers All Your Sex & Relationship Queries

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For any and all questions pertaining to love, sexual education and relationships, we present to you, LoveDoctor. A website, they operate through online chat sessions, guaranteeing expert guidance and anonymity as well.

Roll out the questions

They have a team of trained professionals to answer all your questions. You can fire away {just like you would with your closest gal pals} and except a satisfactory answer. We’d recommend asking specific questions to get the most out of the service. While they will not make any decisions for you, they will act as agony aunt and provide you with the right kind of information- whether it’s about relationships or sexual health.

No judgment, no sir

You can be sure that no question, small or big will be met with judgment. Have a question about the variety of contraceptives in the market? The health implications of casual sex? Want to know when you say those three little words to your SO? Ask away- any time of day or night.

As a country, we’ve been inclined to keep sex education on the DL, but we’re glad to see that’s changing slowly but surely. And we’re glad someone has our backs as we navigate the 21st century sphere of relationships. We recommend you get on the bandwagon too!

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