Concrete & How: We're Orbiting Around This Brand's Edgy And 'Solid' Jewellery

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The Orbit

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What Makes It Awesome

Symbolic jewellery with contemporary designs and an out-worldly charm? This brand is all that and much more. Based out of Ahemdabad, The Orbit is an online jewellery brand that has rightfully tapped into 'Concrete Wear' by introducing a distinct range of jewellery pieces made out of concrete and metal. Each piece is as versatile as it gets.  

Folks here have beautifully worked with the colours and textures of concrete - a process which is yet unexplored and novel in the jewellery biz. We were awed by their collection of concrete and gold plated alloy jewellery. Best part: Each piece is handcrafted by local artisans who they rightfully refer to as "The Powerhouse of Orbit". Not just that, their packaging is entirely managed by an NGO working with the specially-abled. Pretty cool, don't you think?

Orbit has garnered a huge following amongst celebrities and jewellery lovers alike. Whether it's their Palm Danglers or highly vibrant Quad Bangles, we absolutely love the intricate patterns, designs and concept behind each piece. We can already imagine ourselves rocking their Clover Shoulder Duster Earrings and the Gingko Studs & Clover Matinee Necklace with a basic white tee and denim. Orders can be placed by dropping them mail. Alternatively you can shop for delightful pieces of their Benzo (like the chemical, yes) right here on LBB!


They offer customization as well. Just pick a piece of jewellery from their collection, tell them what you want and you'll receive your customized piece in no time. They offer worldwide shipping, y'all. Get shopping already!

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