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Pleat, Drape, Rock: Saree-Lovers Unite

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What Makes It Awesome

Growing up in Bengal, Vipashyana Verma saw everyone around her wearing beautiful sarees, and even working tirelessly while wearing them. And as she admired them, she imagined herself draped in one of these beauties. But soon, she realized that most sarees available in the market aren't really comfortable. She fell in love with the versatility of Indian textiles and handicrafts, and that is how a gorgeous saree brand, The Owl Studio, was born along with her co-founder Manish Shrivastava in 2018. The brand creates beautiful handcrafted easy to wear sarees. They had us at "easy to wear" because sarees definitely aren't everyone's thing (speaking for myself!). 

What I really like about the sarees from Owl Studio is that they are neither traditional nor modern and just the right mix of both, making them vibe perfectly with the modern girl's personality. Most of these sarees are made of MulMul cotton and they have varieties like tie-dye designs, ruffles, block prints, simple solids and much more. Also expect hues and shades of pastels in their different pieces and collections. Our pick? The Sitara collection. It has tiny pom-poms and tassels for all the drama and the golden detailing adds a lot of oomph.

These beautifully handcrafted sarees start from INR 1500. Get your hands on their smart and stunning collection.


In case you're a sucker for customisations, they'll happily do that too. Enquire Now!