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Ceviche & Liquid Salad at The Public Affair


    The newly-opened The Public Affair in Khan Market is a classy place, complete with a fountain-bearing terrace and beautifully-plated dishes.


    Ceviche, Shrimp Broccoli and Cherry Tomatoes on Saffron Flatbread


    Thyme and Pomegranate Martini


    For its open terrace with black walls, chandeliers and a fountain

    Pretty picture

    Spread over the first floor and the terrace, The Public Affair is done up using a mix of different decor styles. The first floor is more fine dine- there’s a large bar, wooden tables and chairs, lots of art and a whole shelf of wine. However, you will see pops of colours here and there, like the one table which has turquoise chairs. {Also, some questionable art, like the soldier reindeer that greets you at the bottom of the stairs…}.

    But when the food starting coming, we realised that’s where the prettiness lay. The Liquid Salad and Beetroot Salad were both uber-colourful affairs served in pretty earthen crockery, embellished with actual flower petals. Although we almost didn’t want to spoil the presentation, one must eat. Both the salads tasted fresh and were full of flavour.

    The Pork Belly Salad was another winner for those fond of the oink.

    A taste of Peru

    A visit here is incomplete without the Ceviche- sweet potato, sweet corn, onions and chunks of meat in zesty citrus juices. If your tummy’s rumbling with hunger, the New Zealand Lamb Loin with green beans, cherry tomatoes in an apple ginger soy sauce is the way to go.

    For dessert, make your childhood dreams come true with An Affair To Remember – flatbread topped with bits of marshmallow, candy, chocolate sauce and ice cream. Be warned though, this dessert is not for the faint-hearted.