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What Makes It Awesome?

Though the times are heavy, I wouldn’t let that dampen the spirit of the season, so I’m going all out for Rakhi without going out. Since I can’t go shopping for my brother, I decided to scrounge the Internet for the ideal gift. What I found was extra special because it was a new range from a brand that he loves anyway!

In case you haven’t chanced upon Salad Days, they’re the pioneers of home delivering fresh, delicious salads made with ingredients from their own farms, right to your doorstep. They’ve upped the ante with a range of ‘Care Boxes’ which got me so excited because for every occasion I usually go nuts making a care package myself. This year that would’ve been tough, considering going shopping is rather iffy. These Care Boxes ticked all the boxes for me, each box is Handmade by craftsmen belonging to the traditional Kagzi community of Rajasthan. This community has kept alive their ancestral skills and artistic profession of making handmade and tree-less paper from the 16th century. The size & shape of the outer box is thoughtfully derived for best reuse purposes while keeping it very simple. It is a perfect organizer box for jewellery, ties, pocket squares, watches etc. The tin boxes can be reused to store dry products or as tool caddies.

All that aside, the contents are as responsible as the boxes. You can curate your own box with a choice of healthy snacks, I chose the foxnuts and a trail mix of nuts and seeds, along with fruits from their partner farms, all responsibly grown to a point where the brand is willing to share the details of the farm and the farmers they work with. Their Rakhi gift box usually has 3 ply Muslin masks, 3 choices of snacks, a personalised card and a Rakhi. I also chose a treat for myself, an Classic Orchard Box where I chose avocados, kiwis and apples and I couldn’t be happier. Now that I’m hooked, it’s good to know that they have ample options for fruits, snacks, dips and preserves too! The Rakhi box is going to be a hit with the brother but more than that, I found a whole new treat for myself.

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