These Handmade Cups, Bowls & More Are Pretty Trinkets Your Home Needs

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What Makes It Awesome

I love switching things up in my home but most of the time, home accessories end up being a bit too expensive or, well, they're trendy one season and I can't stand to look at them in a few months. Ceramics, though, are a safe bet; they're cute, handmade and you could pretty much put them in any room and they'll fit. The Sister's Co. has got gorgeous handcrafted pieces like vases, mugs, bowls and lots more in really, really pretty prints. 

I love their solid-coloured tea sets with cups and saucers that come in a smooth finish and lined and engraved ones, too. They've got many printed vases that'll make fresh (or fake) flowers look even prettier and their bowls and plates would make meals look so cool on Instagram (the taste still depends on your cooking skills.) 

Ceramics is a pretty failsafe way of switching things up in your home without investing too much while still making sure you're getting something that'll last for ages so check them out!


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