These Craftily Curated Boxes Are The Cure To All Your Gifting Aversions


We think we’ve found the cure for our massive aversion to gifting: Say hello to The Style Salad, where you’ll find a selection of pre-made gift boxes that will charm the pants off those who receive it.

Curation Central

If the thought of gift selection makes you want to jump off a tall building, join the club. So, when we discovered The Style Salad, we knew we’d hit gold.

So, what makes these boxes so special? To put it simply, it’s the superior quality of curation. Each box has a theme, so you can pick one you know will appeal to those you’re buying for. If you know a hardcore coffee addict, get them the ‘But First, Coffee’ box, which contains a pack of luxury coffee, a gorgeous coffee mug, caffeine-infused body scrub, and a jar of honey & hazelnut granola!

Buying for the super-organised friend? Check out ‘Hustle,’ a box comprising a card holder, a leather cable wrap, a fun journal, a multi-purpose denim pouch with five motivational pencils, a chai kulhad, and a gourmet chocolate bar.

Toss Up Your Own?

They’ve got a dozen different boxes to choose from {for the tea lover, the fitness freak, wine lover, etc.}, but if none of those seem to be doing it for you, you can create a box of your own by putting together your favourites from their entire collection of lifestyle products.

Perfumes, bags, mugs, stationery, candles, scarves, teas, and lots more, from labels well-known as well as upcoming.

So We’re Saying…

From every single item inside the box to the box itself, everything about this is aesthetically delightful and soul pleasing. So the next time you’re at a loss for what to gift, you know where to look.

Shop online here.

Price: Starting at INR 1,999 for pre-packed boxes