Taste the flavours of The World At Andrea's Eatery

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What Makes It Awesome?

Andrea's Eatery will blow your mind with just one bite of anything you taste here!

What's best? A range of options in their menu which includes world cuisines like Thai, Indonesian, Italian, Chinese, etc and a host of Noodle Bowls, Drinks and great Salads!

It is located in Saket, Delhi in the Citywalk Mall on the first floor. It is quite a cosy restaurant and has quirky interiors, for example, an entire wall with seasonings, wine, recipe books and such articles. The seating is comfortable with tables and chairs. The staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable about the dishes and will assist throughout.

For starters, I tried the Super Green Salad with Chicken. It has balsamic and wild honey dressing on rocket spinach, broccoli, avocado, seeds, asparagus, dried cranberries and boiled chicken chunks. It is their best selling salad and had a balanced and sweet taste.

The best- wait for it- dish is their Pizza. I did a half and half on the pizza. One half was the Yella Habibi Chicken Pizza and the other half was the Farmers Vegetable Pizza.

The Yella Habibi pizza is hands down the best there is served in Delhi. It has garlic chicken, tomato, chilli and parsley. It will cost about 700 bucks, but true lovers of food know that you can't put a price on good food!

The Farmers Vegetable Pizza and had fresh veggies like olives, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes broccoli and baby corn with some really good quality mozzarella cheese.

The Drunken Noodles included a bowl of flat rice noodles with garlic, basil and chilli. It was just the right amount of spice, more towards the salty side, and the authentic taste of Thailand really blew my mind.

The Chicken Krapow Super Bowl is a must-try one which is a Thai dish. This was served with Jasmine rice which had a really good quality. It is also salty and spicy and small chunks of chicken will compliment the runner beans and curry.

In the drinks, the Virgin Kiwi Mojito was the show stopper, and let me tell you, they use real kiwis to prepare it. It was the most refreshing drink there is. Sweet and sour and fizzy- just perfect!

The Star Anise and Kaffir Lime drink were again authentic as it had real crushed pomegranate and not syrup. It was fresh and the hint of star anise really kicked the drink with a special flavour.

The final drink was the Dark Chocolate Oreo Shake which was a thick shake with crushed Oreos was a real surprise- in-the-mouth kinda drink! It was balanced and sweet.

For desserts, the Chocolate Dome, a ready to serve frozen dessert was super creamy and chocolaty.

I highly recommend going to this place if you're in or around the vicinity. I recommend the Chicken pizza and drunken noodle bowl.

What Could Be Better?

It was a very satisfying experience visiting here. What could be better though, is the saltines in the Thai dish could be a tad bit balanced and the price range is on the expensive side. Otherwise perfect 5/5 for me.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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