You’ve been here for the romantic ambience, the impeccable service and the delicious European fare. Olive’s newest endeavour, however, is a larger-than-life affair. Hosted by Chef Sujan S every Thursday evening, The Tasting Lab features his most creative dishes involving a plethora of flavours, all packed into one elaborate {and pretty} 9 course meal.

The fixed menu for this meal can be a little intimidating. It all starts with a cup of punch spiked with just a little bit of vodka. This is followed by an amuse bouche comprising an olive, fennel, and a savoury rendition of the popular Oreo biscuit. This is then followed by a whopping 7 courses, including Just Like A Fried Egg, melon sorbet, duck liver chocolate bar, a duck and chicken deconstructed sandwich, a prawn bisque served with edible sand and lemon air, a cigar made out of chocolate and ice cream with edible ash, and many other bizarre yet delicious innovations. The thread connecting them all together? Indian infusions. They’ve brought in produce such as aam aadaa {Bengali mango ginger}, kachri {Rajasthani cucumber} and local cherries to an otherwise European/Mediterranean menu.

The presentation is gorgeous, and remains consistently so throughout the various courses. Four of these courses also come paired with some seriously potent cocktails. Our favourite amongst these was perhaps the Cherry Club {gin and home-made cherry liqueur}.

The courses are diverse, bringing in a myriad of flavours including salty, sweet and sour. They do however save the best for last – a broken lemon tart garnished with a generous helping of lemon meringue. We got through the 9 courses quite happily, and were full by the end of it, but not to the point where we had to be rolled out the restaurant. The chef has made sure the portions are sized sensibly, and most are light and airy.

The Tasting Lab fills up fast and operates only on Thursdays, 8pm onwards, so if you’re up for some exciting food experiments, we’d suggest you make a reservation now.

Where: Olive at the Qutub, One Style Mile, Mehrauli

Nearest Metro Station: Chattarpur

Contact: 011 29574444, +91 9810235472

Price: INR 1900 per head {plus taxes}