Tired Of The Same Old Bars? Try The Velvet Room For Its Killer Cocktails

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What Makes It Awesome

Done up in a combination of red, black, and gold, The Velvet Room looks just like the kind of place you’d go for a couple of beers with the gang, but end up partying the night away in the dimly lit, booze-filled atmosphere. The interiors are inspired by old-school Asian décor, fused with the modern, and we absolutely love the ambience and the feel it exudes.

It’s got a main area, an upstairs area (if you're not dance-drunk... yet), and an outside area if you just want to chill out, do some hookah, and talk with your buddies. It’s got two bars—upstairs and downstairs—filled with your favourite booze.

They take pride in their cuisine (the sushi and dumplings are perfect examples) with flavours originating from the diverse regions of Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. If you’re going here to eat here, the prawn dimsum is to die for, and the prawn tempura is crisp and perfect. Also, don’t go home without trying the lovely, coconut-ty prawn curry and spicy lamb; mains FTW!

What Could Be Better

Just like any other bar on the weekend, the place gets super-crowded and getting a drink might mean waiting for a while. Stag entry's not allowed either, specially on the weekends. 

Pro Tip

If you're more of a cocktail person, don't forget to try their Cosmopolitan – it’s got a bit of a smoky vibe that totally works for it, and a touch of Cointreau that changes its flavour right up.

PS: The Velvet Room gets its name from the technique of ‘velveting’ in Asian cuisine which provides a ‘velvety’ texture to the food.


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