Need That Peaceful Sleep? Check Out The White Willow For Mattresses & Pillows

The information in this post might be outdated


The White-Willow is an online concept store that has some good quality mattresses, pillows and cushions in store for you to decorate your home with.

Sleep Is All That Matt{e}ress

These guys have some very comfy mattresses to boast about. What’s so special? Well, they’re custom made and have foam filling which is made of 100 per cent filler-free PU {polyurethane}.

They also have an ortho-comfort mattress series which helps people find comfort and support when they have to sit up or sleep. Other than that they have a ‘soft and firm’ series of mattresses, that are lighter or firmer according to what you need!

What Else Is In Store?

Their bed linen! They play with a lot of subtle whites, which is quite soothing to look at. They have different types of pillows to suit what you need, and can be custom-made too.

PS: Also check out their cushions and travel neck pillows. Check them out on Facebook here.

So We’re Saying…

Especially, if you have a stressed back or neck, check their collection out. You may just find what you need.


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