Golden Snitch, Floral Popsicle & More: This Artist Does Gorgeous Hand Lettering

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What Makes It Awesome

Floral mixtapes to Potter's Golden Snitch to dragonflies and so much more, The Wishing Ink is everything we'd been yearning for. Conceptualized back in 2017 and headquartered in Tamil Nadu, this online lifestyle store does personalised handmade and hand-lettered Art Prints, Stickers, Postcards, Die Cut Stickers, Brush Lettering Kit and a whole bunch of customized gifts.

Out of the many contemporary art forms that exist today, Hand Lettering is something that I've always found bewitching. It's an elegant art form that has been dictating our IG feeds for quite some time now. The brainchild of an uber-talented Vidya Kumaresan, The Wishing Ink too, has a rather artistically pleasing Instagram account - one where you could spend hours scrolling through. It all started when Vidya was approached by one of her followers for creating a personalised hand-lettered greeting card. That, coupled with her fascination (and curiosity) towards Hand Lettering led her into starting her own venture. 

Their online store currently lists a bunch of Fine Art Prints starting at INR 150. These are hand-lettered quotes, stunning floral illustrations and the likes. Vidya does both, digital and hand-painted versions of her art. What I love the most about her pieces is the way she's managed to transform the most mundane looking things into something beautiful - floral mixtapes, paint tubes, gaming consoles, disinfectant spray (no kidding), and more. 

You can also shop for distinct postcards and laminated stickers in some wonderful prints, both starting at INR 99. The best part, they offer customization as well. They're currently retailing through Instamojo however, Vidya tells us that they're soon going to launch their own website (woohoo). 


They offer country-wide shipping, folks. Head on to their page and shop right away!


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