This E-Store Will Turn A Picture Of Your Pet Into A Renaissance Painting

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What Makes It Awesome

Ever thought “you know what’s missing in my house? A painting of my dog in the Renaissance Era.” No? Well, maybe you should be thinking about that because The Zulu Pet Co is making it happen. I found them online and just one look at a pug in stuffy royalty-esque clothing, I knew this website had my heart. Scrolling through all the options on their website, I couldn’t control my giggles - it was all so adorable and incredible! 

You can choose to transform your pet (dog or cat) into a king, queen, prince, princess or, my personal favourite, a commander (the uniformed beagle killed me.) The process is fairly simple, you upload a high quality picture of your pet, choose a canvas size and the name and gender of your pet. Before printing, they’ll send you a preview of the digital print so you can confirm the portrait is the perfect representation of your pet - if your pet was around during the Renaissance Era that is. Once everything’s all good to go, they’ll ship you the print and it’s easy to hang up and clean and the print, much like our love for our pets, will never fade. 

Price: small frame is priced at INR 1,299, medium frame is INR 1,899, large frame is 2,799

What Could Be Better

They’re super new so while they only have Renaissance Era paintings right now, how awesome would our pets look as an Impressionist painting?


I don’t know if it’s just me but I think these would make for a crazy (and amazing) gift to get a pet lover. Once the shock wears down, they’ll love the weird charm of it. Plus, they have a special discount code for LBB users only- "LBBZ10"! 


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