Treat Yourself To These Delicious Sweet Treats From Theos!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Theos, bakery and patisserie, is serving sweet Christmas presents wrapped in the luxury taste of dark chocolate and silken vanilla. Soft Chocolate Seasalt cookies and Austrian Vanilla Kipferl cookies, both an expensive rich taste, are a true bite of indulgence these winters, available exclusively at all the Theos outlets. Utterly delicious and buttery soft, the cookies melt in the mouth as one takes a bite.

* Soft Chocolate Seasalt cookies: Talking about Soft Chocolate Seasalt cookies, the sea salt triggers such beautiful sensation on the palate of the tongue that one feels a rich creamy experience of chocolate blended with sea salt flavour which balances the sweetness of Light Muscavado Cane sugar and highlights the bitter notes of 70% dark chocolate. Another highlight of this cookie is that they are gluten-free.

* Austrian Vanilla Kipferl cookies: Coming to Austrian Vanilla Kipferl cookies, this buttery yet crumbling cookies are a true delight. Vanilla-infused inside the crunchy shell melts so well inside the mouth that it provides a silken texture which is hard to refuse. Popular throughout Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, these cookies are a popular favourite. Though enjoyed year-round and found in virtually every Viennese coffee house, these still hold a special count at Christmas time. In Germany, these are made every year at Christmas along with several other traditional German Christmas goodies. Christmas without Vanilla Kipferl is practically unthinkable.

* Gingerbread cake with ginger and walnut cream cheese frosting
Gingerbread cake with ginger and walnut cream cheese frosting is one of the lightest moist. Rich buttery ginger-spiced sponge topped with Cream cheese frosting spiked with fresh ginger juice sprinkled generously with toasted walnuts & candied ginger makes up the Christmas much merrier.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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