First Date? Grab A Coffee At Theos In Noida

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Theos is an Italian café and bakery situated in Noida. It’s best known for its lip-smacking desserts and beverages.

Who Is It For?

It’s a paradise for dessert lovers. It’s not pocket-friendly and definitely not end-of-the-month appropriate, but trust me it’s worth the money.


The seating capacity is quite good and gives you a classy Italian feel. It’s also always crowded!

Must Try

Theos is great for a first date; they have so many different kinds of coffees on offer. We definitely recommend getting a cup.

They also offer a vast variety of pastas, gnocchi, lasagna, ravioli, and nothing is as comforting as the authentic Italian flavours here.

What We Loved

The menu is enormous but the staff is extremely helpful and will recommend their best menu item. Their service is quick enough and they are super customer-friendly.

The cold beverages are a must-have and the best among them is the hazelnut chocolate frappe {for the chocolate lover} and Viennesse cold coffee {for the caffeine junkies}, hitting just the right notes on your palate.


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