There are a few combinations that we love very dearly—peanut butter and banana sandwich toasted in a pan with melted butter {mm, mm, mm…}, girly dresses with sneakers, and red lips & winged liner being a few of them. When we heard of Vitasta’s end-of-season sale, we discovered that leather and discount is a combination we’d definitely love to see more of.

Vitasta’s bags are on sale {upto 50%} and we’re giving you six of our top picks from what they have to offer. Take ‘em credit cards out!

Rupiya Travel Case In Canvas And Distressed Gun Metal

Original Price: INR 2,500

Discounted Price: INR 1,750 {30% discount}

Buy it here

Momento Leather Card Case In Black

Original Price: INR 1,189

Discounted Price: INR 595 {50% discount}

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Wave Travel Set In Teal

Original Price: INR 3,000

Discounted Price: INR 1,500 {50% discount}

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Printed Backpack In Canvas & Tan Leather

Original Price: INR 3,500

Discounted Price: INR 2,450 {30% discount}

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Lara Wallet In Indigo Blue

Original Price: INR 3,000

Discounted Price: INR 2,400 {20% discount}

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Layla Bucket Bag In White

Original Price: INR 7,000

Discounted Price: INR 4,900 {30% discount}

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Where: For a complete list of stores retailing Vitasta bags, click here; shop online here

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