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These Awesome Silver Accessories By The Bolt Store Will Take You One Step Closer To Your Pets

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    What Did I Like?

    Imagine a piece of jewellery which will always remind you of the love for your four-legged friends and instantly make you feel special. Out of constant creative choice, Kamna and Gaurav took that extra step to show their immense love they have for their three-year-old handsome Labrador Retriever BOLT. There was no looking back since then and that's how The Bolt Store started. The Bolt Store accessories are one of its kind ranging from paw shaped pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets to silver coins. Since people and pets share a special bond, The Bolt Store helps them symbolizing it by wearing their jewellery and also the silver used is a 925 grade! The designs are innovative, unique and are distinctive in style. It is intricate yet striking and made with special attention to detail and finish. The Bolt Store gets involved personally from the first stage of designing the product to the last stage of packaging and shipping it to customers pan India. Get one now and show that extra love for your adorable four-legged babies.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    The Bolt Store has not ignored the feline family. Do check out their kitty pendants and you will surely go aww! The pendants can also be innovated into a brooch. Also, keep it shining to avoid dullness.

    Anything Else?

    The Bolt Store ships pan India. To order contact them at +91-9664548959, or email them at {}. Also, remember to check their Facebook page here - { } and their website here - {}.
      Available Online