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What Makes It Awesome

Fabbox started out as a subscription box service company, which used to send a box full of healthy nuts, fruits, and munchies that kept that fitness mode button at 'on' all the time. They have since moved on to sell super nuts, veggie and fruit chips, granola and health bars. While we like our weekly fix of crunchy (and nutritious) nuts, seeds and other mixes either while working or binge-watching, these guys have now broadened their periphery of products to now have dried up fruits, veggies and even cookies!

Let us first start with something sweet. The brand's Choco Chip Banana Cookies go well with tea/coffee. Know what? These are made from whole wheat flour, real bananas and are low in gluten, high in fiber. You can pair the sweet with savoury by having these Barbeque Beetroot Chips that have this smoky crispy mouthfeel. Now when movie night is on, we won’t suggest you to look any further than their Salsa Sweet Potato Chips that pack a herby tomato flavour that is just tough to resist. Chat with chaat as you can quickly whip up a snack with their Nimbu Roasted Chana Jor and probably accompany them with their Burnt Garlic Cashews that have a slight amount of spice to keep you hooked.

There’s even readymade Mixed Fruit and Mixed Seed Chaat in case you're too lazy to go and make it. For you health conscious freaks, try out their health bars that are packed with fruits, almonds and walnuts.


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