Did you miss out on this one? Let us run you through what went down. LBB partnered with ATM {an exclusive members-only club designed to bring you the comforts and luxuries of an idyllic home} to give some lucky winners a one day, all-access pass for the ultimate home away from home experience.

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While a whole lot of people signed up, these few participants have won a chance to experience true luxury at ATM, along with five of their friends.


Sonam Anand, Gina Wijgerse – Singh, Sumit Sawhney, Sanya Chopra, Deeksha Mathur, Sean Stewart, Mehul Jindal, Bikram bir singh, Shreyans Singhvi, Ari, Kaushalya, Disha Malik, Rajika Shukla, Devanshu Aggarwal,Vishaka Beriwala, Chelsea Standley, Devika, Keerti, Sejal Choudhari, Noel, Montse, Damini Datta, Himani Dawar, and Chirag Talwar.

To the rest, fret not. We still have a LOT of exciting stuff lined up for you.