The Pork, Prawn & Lotus Stem Pickles From This Place Will Knock Your Socks off

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Pickle Shickle

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What Makes It Awesome

The first thing that comes to our minds when we think of pickle is dried mangoes. However, it's not limited to just that. Pickles have been an inevitable part of our meals since time immemorial. Started by the sister duo, Preetika and Prerna Chawla, Pickle Shickle is the result of a family recipe that has been passed on for over three generations. The journey of these divine jars of pickles is heavily influenced by their cultural and Defence background.
What's wondrous about them is the variety of pickles they make. Pickle Shickle has the most amazing range of pork, chicken, mutton and prawn pickles. Not to mention some equally delish veg counterparts like the lotus stem and jackfruit pickles. Our personal favourites are the pork, prawn and lotus stem pickles. All of their pickles are made in-house and in small batches to ensure that the flavours are maintained in each jar. They refrain from using any artificial flavours or preservatives. Special mention for their brilliant packaging with one-of-a-kind creatives and extremely witty names like 'Jhinga Lala' for the prawn pickle, 'Ghosht Busters' for the mutton pickle and so on.
Their prices start at INR 350 and we've already started filling our carts. You can place your orders on their website which is pretty cool. You can browse for recipes surrounding these pickles and read up on their interesting blog pieces - they're extremely interesting.


They're based out of Mumbai and often do many pop-up stalls at food shows (they've even given Masterchefs' Gary a taste of their pickles). Oh, and they ship across the country, so place your orders on their website and delve into this salty trend right away.

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