Get Functional & Unconventional Coffee And Tea Sets From This Sustainable Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Still scouting for that artsy cup for your morning coffee? You’re at the right place! The Strange Co. does stellar pieces that will catch your eye and keep it too! Sustainable and decidedly urban with a hint of unconventional, we love the vibe that each product they create permeates. Their products are handmade, from local clay and then glazed with natural dyes for an earthy finish. We’re all in for the minimalist trend, so if you’re anything like us, you’ll love their pieces too.

What we love even more about this brand is the personal touch they add to their products and even in the way they deliver! Their collections are inspired by emotions, surroundings and all things simple - giving rise to ravishing pieces that uplift us while adding a dash of quirk to our otherwise mundane lives. Looking to send a bunch of warm, cutesy postcards to your loved ones? Well the folks at The Strange Co. allow you to scribble your heart out and add a personal touch to your gifting too!

From tea-sets inspired by the Memphis Movement to the Kanpai Collection inspired by Japanese scroll paintings, there’s a story behind each piece. These pieces are sure to spark conversations and intrigue guests, so make sure you have these adorable collections perched humbly atop your furniture! The best part? For folks who love their hard-earned moolah as much as awesome ceramics, pouches, postcards and stationery, they have an Under 500 Collection too! So now that you can splurge while keeping those pockets tight, get ready for some retail therapy!


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