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This Week at LBB | 5 Hidden Lakes Beckon

Editors posted on 16th November

Sipping on a glass of freshly brewed coffee at home, the caffeine makes the mind wander back to the things we did over the past week. this week involved a lot of running around, chasing after stories and people, long walks and finally crashing on that pillow we couldn’t be more grateful for. It was about challenging ourselves and finding new avenues. All in all it’s been a week well spent!


Monday morning blues | This is how our Mondays start. The weekend inevitably takes a toll while the warm socks, which have been hibernating for some time now, finally make their way out of our bedboxes and onto the feet which don’t feel like getting out of bed.



Starry eyed about Starbucks | We finally put those new shoes on- it’s a bright new day and the thought to making it to work finally dawns in. Along with it also dawns the urge to grab that cup of coffee to officially kickstart the day. One rushes to the nearest Starbucks, only to realize that this place gets way too much of our money- mostly because they have soy latte; heaven for someone with a lactose intolerance and a coffee addiction.



They don't serve coffee | PCO's a weeknight favourite for the LBBD crew; and thank the lord they've started a {semi} happy hour menu. Their drinks are marginally cheaper till 9 pm, and we took full advantage of it. A message for fellow revelers from the folks at PCO.



Festive season continues | The week got more exciting when we received a gift from our friends over at Jaeger LeCoultre- it's been a pleasure to have them associated with LBBD!



Take a walk on the wild side | It was also a week where we felt like challenging our adventurous side. Walked through 8.5 km of scrub forests onto the shores of five hidden lakes- we're taking our readers here this December.



Potted delights | Sourcing pots from a local potter, for our 'Get Crafty' workshop at Ritinjali on Saturday. Here's what we'll be doing.



A road trip that brought us home | After doing a little research about the nearest escape destinations within a radius of 150 km from Delhi, Neemrana Alwar turned out to be one of the most picturesque destination to visit. A drive through Sariska, lunch at Neemrana, and a drive back home- all within 14 hours.



Wedding Daze | It’s wedding season, and the lanes of Lajpat Nagar are bright with wedding accessories.We went shopping for some kalire in these narrow gallies to help out a bride to be.



Forever Fashionable Janpath | Went to Janpath after ages, and noticed that nothing had changed. The shops are just as colourful, the vendors, perhaps more in number now, were just as loud.



Work & Recreation |  Taking a cue from our cafes with wifi list, we spent Wednesday evening at The Piano Man in Vasant Vihar. This particular lemon & poppy seed smoothie is an acquired taste, but we love it.



Choti Kaali Kitaab | Look what The Filmy Owl made for us! Taking a desi interpretation, here's Little Black Book for you.