The Budget Bucket List: Things You Can Do In Delhi In Under INR 100

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We assume that going around the city to discover it is an expensive affair, but with Delhi, it doesn’t take too much to absorb the vibrant spirit of the city. With so many monuments, parks, street food options and a whole lot of interesting activities, we bring to you a guide on how to explore the city in just INR 100 {or even less}!

Breakfast At Chandni Chowk's Paranthewali Gali

With butter-dripping paranthas starting at INR 60, this place is perfect for a typical Delhi breakfast. They have the basic stuff {think aloo, gobhi and plain} and also super-creative paranthas {think almond, khoya and even sugar}. The shop peeps will probably ask you to get a plate which is priced at INR 100, but comes with all the sabzi and aachar you’ll need with your paranthas. And guess what? You can share the good stuff on your plate with your friend and split the cost!

Watch A Movie At The Iconic Delight Cinema

You don’t have to wait for early morning shows or certain days of the week to watch a movie here for under INR 100. They have tickets priced at INR 85 and you can opt for a time slot of your choice and a day of your liking. Even the popcorn here is under INR 100!

A Store Where Everything Is INR 95

Tops, comfy shorts, funky PJs and even bags cost a lot. But we found shop number 7 in Janpath, and it’s going to make your inner shopper very happy; because everything in the shop costs INR 95 only! We found the most comfy shorts and the cosiest pajamas here! While their collection of tops is super-cute, it’s their tank tops {available in all the colours of the rainbow and then some} which will keep us coming back.

Get Yourself Some Modern Art Starting At INR 75

The National Gallery of Modern Art is a place that’s on every art connoisseur’s radar. At its souvenir shop, you’ll find original works of reputed artists that have been printed on posters for as low as INR 75. We’re talking Raja Ravi Verma, Amrita Sher-Gil and a host of other really famous artists whose printed works you can now take home.

Buy Clothes In Bulk From Sarojini's Monday Market

Now, Sarojini Nagar market is already famous for housing some of the best clothes that come at the lowest prices. However, if you go there on a Monday, you’ll be stepping into a very chaotic marketplace that sells comfy t-shirts, dresses, hippie PJs and everything under the sun starting at just INR 50. If you do visit the market on a Monday, just be prepared.

A Full Meal At North Campus

When you’re broke and starving, know that North Campus offers delicious food at the most affordable prices. Be it the minced cutlet from Stephen’s, mutton dosa from D School or Chacha ke Chole Bhature, everything you buy will be less than INR 100 and super yummy.

Go For Purana Qila's Light & Sound Show

Taking you on a journey from the Mughal era to the British period, this show at Purana Qila is priced at INR 100. Some pretty cool laser and projection technology {some parts are even in 3D!} comes into play as well.

Watch The Sunset At India Gate

If you want to indulge in the aesthetically magical part of the city, you’ve got to visit India Gate to watch the sunset. This won’t cost you any money, but will help you take a moment of peace from the chaos of the city. Grab some ice-cream or chana zor garam, if you want.

Visit Bangla Sahib Gurudwara At 4:30 am

Open for 24 hours, the best time for a visit is between 4.30am to 5am. The reason? The ardaas happens during this time. Amidst the prayer by the priest, you’ll connect with your spiritual self. In these moments, the gurudwara is way less crowded and hence, everything is less chaotic. This, obviously, doesn’t cost anything at all.

Steal A Moment Of Peace At Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli suddenly started seeing a lot of visitors after Aamir Khan’s film PK was shot there. All the peeps who had been unable to notice the monument nestled among the high-rise buildings of Connaught Place started coming to visit it. Surrounded by walls on both sides of the stairs, the symmetry of the monument makes it perfect for an Instagram post. Take a book or your headphones {or your diary or a friend} away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi. Since it opens at 7 am, we say you in the early morning hours to enjoy total solitude; but make sure you visit it before 6 pm, before it shuts down. The entry is free, and it’s lovely knowing that it costs nothing to find some peace away from the chaos.

Pay As You Like At Kunzum Cafe

Located in the famous Hauz Khas Village, this cafe is famous for its ‘pay as you like’ policy. Hidden away in the party hub, this place is cosy and comfortable for conversations. Ask for a cup of steaming coffee or for some masala chai. They’ll even give you cookies with it. You won’t get a bill when you walk out of here. You can leave as much money as you feel is appropriate.

Go For A Midnight Ice Cream Date To Sam's Cafe

Sam’s Cafe in Paharganj is now open 24×7, and if you want to surprise your significant other with a midnight date {that is also budget}, take them for ice cream to Sam’s rooftop. With an open space, bougainvilleas and a cute cat, this place is perfectly romantic. Order their ice cream priced at INR 75 for a rather cute date. You can also order one of their shakes that start at INR 65.

Have Authentic Steamed Momos At Majnu Ka Tila

Momos are now served in literally all markets in Delhi. However, we say you go to Majnu Ka Tila for an authentic experience. You can enter any of the restaurants and get a plate of steaming momos for under INR 100. The generous amount of filling they stuff in makes sure that one plate is more than enough to extinguish your hunger. The momos here are quite unlike the street ones. We say you also try the vegetarian street dish called lafing, which is priced between INR 30 to INR 60 {depending on the vendor}.

Bunk With Your Girls At This Place At Night

Now, we all may find ourselves in a pickle when commuting late at night, but Hide-In Hostels in Saket is changing things. In an attempt to save women the hassle of commuting late into the night, they’ve introduced a deal where women can pay INR 100 a night and crash without judgement or security concerns. Even if you have a home with no curfew concerns, it’s a fun way to end a night out that results in possible making a new friend or two. Hey, low-key adventure, right?

Enjoy A Cup Of Masala Chai At Triveni Terrace Cafe

The Triveni Terrace Cafe is this Instagram-worthy place that also serves up some great masala chai, filter coffee and snacks. While a full meal here is slightly more expensive, we say you go here for the tea, snacks and conversation. Get yourself their perfectly brewed masala chai {INR 25} and a plate of their assorted pakoras {INR 68} for a perfect evening supper.

Visit The Rashtrapati Bhavan

Plan a visit in the evening to the grand Rashtrapati Bhavan, folks! With a nominal fee of INR 50, you can now visit the President’s official residence. With great decor and gardens that are a burst of colors, you better get planning on your visit to this place. You will have to register online before landing up at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Go Around The City On A Rented Bicycle

Public Bicycle Sharing is available at selected metro stations, and you can rent out bicycles from here to go around the city. The registration form comes at INR 50 and the charge for renting per hour is INR 10. This is a fun way to lose some calories while also exploring the city and given Delhi’s pollution levels, this is also environment-friendly! You can check out this site to find out where the nearest metro station with bicycle renting services would be.

Have Indian Coffee House's Special Coffee

One of the most iconic places in Delhi, this gives a great view of Connaught Place. It has been serving the city generation after generation with its cups of coffee. We say you opt for their special coffee which comes at INR 35, and sit in their outdoor area to gather the real Delhi feels.