These 8 Things Need To Be Inside Your Gym Bag

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Your gym bag is your workout support system. Sure, you’ve got your towel, shoes and deodorant, but if you want to transform your fitness game, you’ve gotta up your gym bag essentials. Here’s where to start.

Gym Bag

Well, duh. A gym bag is a reflection of your personality and the carrier of everything that supports your fitness goals. Every sports brand has a line of gym bags, so you’re spoiled for choice.

Water Bottle

A good workout session means lots of sweating and loss of electrolytes in the process. Whether it is good old H2O or a sports drink, you have to keep yourself hydrated for replenishing electrolytes, for endurance and also to fight muscle cramps.

Jump Rope

One of the best forms of cardio out there, skipping can be a fun warm up or cardio. Double unders anyone? Try Decathlon or any e-commerce website.

Wrist Straps

A must for those who are into lifting, wrist straps give you the much needed wrist support and help prevent injuries.


Basic requirement for weight training, gloves not only give you a good grip, but also provide the added benefit of preventing calluses and blisters.

Running Belt

Isn’t it super annoying to hold your phone when you’re running or doing cardio? Since cardio without music is the number one cause of feeling demotivated {it might as well be a fact according to us}, we suggest you get one of these ASAP.

Foam Roller

Foam rolling is a post workout recovery technique where you massage your muscles with a roller thereby releasing muscle tightness, knots and muscle soreness. If you don’t already do this, it’s time you introduce this key step to your workout routine.

Lacrosse Mobility Ball

For a post training session this is a much needed recovery tool. It helps recovery by applying pressure to specific points on your body.

Energy Bar

Post workout and pre-workout is as important as the workout itself. Energy bars are the most convenient way of giving yourself that little push or to help with recovery after a draining workout.