This Farmhouse Salon For Pocket-Friendly Head Massages & Pedicures

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Our idea of a perfectly relaxing spacation just went out of the window. Why, you ask? Well, we found a fitting and very cost effective solution in Gold Roots; a semi-outdoor salon in Sainik Farms that offers coffee and head massages in its cosy lawn at a fraction of a cost.

Sa-lawn Services We Love

Like most always-rushed city dwellers, we wanted a quick de-stressing session, and what’s a better way to relax than have somebody massage your messed-up head, right? So, we plonked ourselves in a quiet salon corner, cut-off from the constant sound of the dryers and aunty chatter and surrendered to the expert.

Vipin took over swiftly and slathered a generous layer of olive oil {after carefully assessing the dry state of our tresses}, following up with expert strokes, ending with a sweet-smelling shampoo and conditioner to leave our mane shiny, glossy and ever-so-bouncy.

This Is How They Rollers

While we only tried the head massage, we hear lovely things about pretty much all their salon services, including hair-care and make-up. Also, we were told that they celebrated their first birthday recently by giving all their regulars a pack of flower seeds to beautify their own little lawns. Thoughtful much. 

So, We’re Saying…

Next time you want to chill with the girls, you don’t need to travel 300kms away from the city. Cab your way to this hidden gem and grab those lawn chairs. We promise, the super hospitable Anu Malik’s, the owner, will make you spend more time here than you intended to in the first place.