This hidden gem in Sunder Nagar Market is my go-to for inlay work mirrors & furniture

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I used to go to Sundar Nagar Market a lot- and no, not only to get a meal and drink at Saz, but actually shop from the handful of vintage and artefacts stores that are there. On one of my recent excursions, I stumbled upon this most incredible store, run by the sweetest sardarji uncle, that house exquisite bone and horn inlay work mirrors, sidetables, trays, boxes and more.

Narinder, the gentleman who runs the store, mentioned how all of his products are manufactured and sourced from Rajasthan. He apparently has tie ups with local craftsmen there, and can even get pieces customised.

There's an endless set of products to choose from! I love their side tables and mirrors the most!

He's pretty well priced- I didn't know how much this stuff costs, and after my 1st window shopping visit to Variety, I searched a bunch on Pinterest and a couple of other websites for comparative prices, and his products are definitely worth the buck. You can also politely negotiate a little bit :) Especially if you're buying the slightly bigger pieces.

I think the quality is great, and he's super accomodating in case you want to exchange your products.

Happy shopping at this hidden gem 😍😍 in case you end up going, let Narinder know you heard about him from that tall girl who gets a lot of mirrors 😂😂😂



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