This Janpath Store Has All The Graphic Print Tees You Could Ever Want!

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What Makes It Awesome

The shop's name is Rainbow (perhaps they were trying to convey the diversity of colours they have on offer) and it's literally the first shop on the Janpath strip.

Their shelves are stocked with graphic tees with all the designs you might have seen on the Internet and then some more. You'll find superhero tees, funny quotes (some weird ones, too), illustrations, and a bunch of plain ones as well.

Their prices seem quite affordable, too — the range starts at as low as INR 500 and is capped at around INR 1,000.

What Could Be Better

The store didn't have any options for winter wear — we hope they'd offer some printed hoodies and sweatshirts as well.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000