This Online Wall Art Store Will Embroider Whatever You Wish!

What Makes It Awesome

Hangstill is a brand that does adorable and creative embroidered wall art. If you’re in a mood to redecorate or add embellishment to your walls in a manner that reflects your personality, these guys offer the perfect solution. The quality of their work is impeccable (everything is hand done after all), and their customised work, which is their USP, is absolutely kickass. You can also order an artwork with your favourite quote or initials. Need a gifting solution? They’ve got your back! Their Instagram handle will give you a sneak-peek of the most memorable pieces they’ve created by hand. My dog-loving self couldn’t stop going ‘aww’ after I saw their labrador wall art.

What Could Be Better

Well, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but know that their delivery takes about 7-14 days (which is obvious since they’ll be creating a piece for you from scratch). Also, currently they only function via an Instagram handle, but this will change soon as they’re working on a website too.

How Much Did It Cost

Based on what your order is, pricing can range between INR 1,699 (for single initials) to INR 2,400 (for portraits).