With Christmas over and the New Year upon us, the staffers at LBB have been in and out of Delhi. This time around, we are indulging our sweet tooth, and going old school with the likes of Khan Chacha. After reading and complaining about the cold, we took it upon ourselves to explore some amazing winter offerings, and even ventured out to different locales in easy connection to the city.

lbb-articles-12-08 This Week at LBB | Wintery Wanderings

Heading to Your Chacha’s | Well not yours specifically, more like everyone’s. With all the amazing restaurants in Khan Market, there’s nothing like some good old fashioned spicy chicken tikka roll to warm you up, at the famous Khan Chachas.

lbb-articles-12-10 This Week at LBB | Wintery Wanderings

Trailing for Hot Chocolate | Chili chocolate, dark chocolate, and hazelnut chocolate; there is so much on offer at Chokola. On these infamously cold Delhi nights, how can you say no to some proper melted hot chocolate and sweets? If you’re like us and can’t say no to a hot chocolate, check out our hot chocolate trail here

lbb-articles-12-161 This Week at LBB | Wintery Wanderings

Locked Out | Ever have the fear of being locked out of your house after a night out? Well the Wishing Chair has a quirky coaster design that may serve as a reminder to pick up your keys before you leave the house.

lbb-articles-12-09 This Week at LBB | Wintery Wanderings

Siam I Am | One of our very own staffers took a much needed vacay and enjoyed the evening beauty that is Angkor Wat in Siam Reap.

lbb-articles-12-15 This Week at LBB | Wintery Wanderings

Winter Masjid | It may not be a clear and sunny day, but the grey and fog gives Jama Masjid an even more grand and majestic appearance.

lbb-articles-12-11 This Week at LBB | Wintery Wanderings

Kochi-Muziris Biennale | If you’re looking for a winter getaway, look down south to Kochi! Here is a little sample of the amazing art and video installations showing from the Kochi Biennale. Click here, to checkout other highlights.

lbb-articles-12-14 This Week at LBB | Wintery Wanderings

The Brown Box | Oh the weather out there is frightful, but The Brown Box decorations are delightful. Stop in for a cupcake or two at Brown Box.

lbb-articles-12-12 This Week at LBB | Wintery Wanderings

Christmas Sweetss @ What a Comic Show | Comedy, Christmas cake, and mulled wine, could one ask for more? Stop over at What a Comic Show in SDA for food, drink, and laughs.

lbb-articles-12-13 This Week at LBB | Wintery Wanderings

Winter Sunbathers | From puppies to doggies, the K9 is LBB’s unofficial mascot. We spotted this one just chillin’ out in the wintery hazy sun.

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