Crafting All Your Jewellery Dreams To Reality: This Studio Does Eclectic Wooden Jewellery That You'll Love

What Did You Like?

I stumbled upon Ruhh studio’s page on Instagram and I couldn’t believe the craft they have put in making accessories. The woman who makes this jewellery carves and cuts wood into exquisite shapes and creates everything from earrings to broaches and rings. The designer is happy to customise and use colour schemes according to the customer's preferences. I bought myself a picture of me and my best friend on a pair of earrings and not only do they look unique, but they also make for an excellent personalised gift. Ruhh Studio has recently launched a fun and bright summer collection, La Vida, that takes inspiration from all things nature and is a treat to wear.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1000 - INR 3000