Throttle Shrottle Opens At The Capital Harley-Davidson In Gurgaon



    Throttle Shrottle, an offbeat venture started by Saurav Priyadarshini, is now open to keen bikers to meet up, eat and exchange riveting stories.

    Chow Down

    Big Boy Paranthas {we recommend the chicken cheese burst one}, Bun Maska, Paneer Makhni

    Sip On

    Kickass Lemonade, Throttle Lassi

    10 Points For Authenticity!

    Recently, Harley Davidson joined hands with Throttle Shrottle to open another eatery at their Capital Harley-Davidson showroom in Gurgaon {their first outlet is situated on the Gurgaon-Faridabad highway}, and kudos to the owner for building the café from recycled material and scrap from the junkyard {it pays to be friendly with the neighbourhood kabadiwala!}.

    The place is creatively done up with hanging bikes, spare motorcycle parts and aptly-labelled walls, which helps it look like every biker’s dream cafe.

    Bonus: You get to ogle at the iconic Harley-Davidson while you fill your tummy!

    Pets Welcome

    In addition to his love for bikes, Saurav is also super pet-friendly! No one here will mind you walking in with your dog, or maybe your pet turtle. In fact, they will be happy to feed them too.


    Plan your visit over the weekend, when the café organises live music performances by well-known bands.