Thukpa, Momo & Garlic Noodles: Yum Chi Is Perfect For End Of The Month Date Nights

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Done chilling at the typical Vijay Nagar cafes? Fret no mo{mo}. Yum Chi is a new, cheerful little space for when you’re craving spring rolls and dim sums but don’t want a dim sum-sized hole in your pocket. 

Manchow Down On Everything

Tell us if we’re wrong but we’ve often felt that our options have been restricted between off the street Chinjabi or fancypants Pan-asian restaurants. So, when we saw Yum Chi, we realised exactly what we were missing – a cute-looking budget eatery for honey chilli potato and chop suey evenings with our forever person.  

The menu springs a surprise with the sheer variety it offers. From soups to wantons and chopsuey to meal bowls and a rather impressive selection of seafood and poultry, you’ll sure be spoiled for choice. A friend from Manipur was also pleasantly surprised at finding a local favourite, Singju.

Call us typical but we have a soft corner for our comfort food: honey chilli potato and spring rolls. So don’t judge us if we’re found stuffing our face with these and Paan Bahar Mojito {yes, it’s a thing and we’re told that it tastes as intriguing as it sounds}. 

Over the next few visits {we’re pretty optimistic that we’ll keep going back}, we’re hoping to have tried the Honey Chilli Pork and crispy noodles with vanilla ice cream. You get the drift, right? Variety’s clearly their strong point and anyone will need at least a couple of visits to have their list of favourites ready. 

Meanwhile, in case you’re there before, let us know if the Pad Thai and Butter Garlic Chicken Noodles are worth their salt. If not, we’ll choose from the 100 other things available.

So, We're Saying...

Yum Chi brings a very Tibetan {very Majnu Ka Tila vibe} right into North Campus and we can’t wait to grab a spot on a cold winter evening for a steaming cup of chicken soup.

Bring on the celebratory drum rolls {of heaven}.


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