The 10 Best Spots For Steaming Hot Thukpas In Delhi

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What started off with a city that loves a good plate of momos, as Delhiites we have widened our palettes to Tibetan food placing Thukpa as one of the many dishes we absolutely love. Typically consumed more in winters due to its warming tendency, we don't mind a good bowl of thukpa in any season. We’re telling you where to go to get your fill of the Tibetan noodle goodness in Delhi.


If you are craving a hearty Tibetan, Bhutanese, or Nepalese meal, you’d better not miss out on Yeti. Yeti keeps up its reputation with its thukpa. While they only have one kind of thukpa on their menu, you will not be disappointed if you are trying it for the first time.

Price for two: INR 400 

Dilli Haat

With over a dozen stalls to choose from, we highly recommend you try Thukpa from Momo Mia AKA the Arunachal stall or from the Manipuri Stall. From egg, chicken and pork to veg thukpa, Dilli Haat promises a variety.  

Price For Two: INR 350

Pro-Tip: We recommend you order the Arunachal special non-veg thukpa at Momo Mia. If you are going to the Manipur Stall try their Mixed Thukpa (egg and chicken.)

Yo Tibet

This hidden gem in Safdarjung does excellent thukpas (buff, chicken, vegetarian, egg and chicken keema) and also offers a dry version – the easier to eat in your car with a bottle of chilled coke. 

Price For Two: INR 500 

Pro-Tip: Although the place has seating it's quite dingy, so we recommend ordering in instead. 

Majnu Ka Tila

Majnu ka Tila is a famous Tibetan refugee colony that has a gazillion restaurants offering authentic Tibetan food; also one of the few places you’ll get a buff or pork thukpa at throwaway prices.We personally recommend Ama Restaurant, but you should try going to Rigo for a pocket-friendly experience. You should definitely go to Tee Dee not only for their momos but also the Thukpas, we were pleasantly surprised by variety that they offer.

Price For Two: It depends from one restaurant to another but largely it stays between the range of INR 500 to INR 800.

Nagaland's Kitchen

Hidden away in the Uphar Cinema Complex (next to the Gurudwara), Nagaland’s Kitchen is a small cosy restaurant ideal for a date (so long as your date has no issues with spice) and yes, they do an excellent thukpa. From pork, chicken and veg to prawn thukpas Nagaland's Kitchen is our team's go-to place for pork ribs served with the spiciest raja mirchi. 

Price For Two: INR 1500

Yashwant Complex

Yashwant Complex is a good place to head to for people living near Chanakyapuri for a steaming bowl of thukpa and momos. Not only do you get to enjoy the outdoors and happy prices, but you can also carry your own booze and make a night of it.

Price For Two: Depends on restaurants to restaurants but the average price is INR 700

Lha Kitchen

Lha Kitchen is a restaurant serving authentic himalayan cuisine from Nepali, Tibetan to Bhutanese and Chinese. Our team personally recommends this restaurant for good food and cosy ambience taking you on a small trip to the Himalayas. Being one of the best Himalayan cuisine restaurants in Delhi, it offers a variety of Thukpas, we literally had to control the urge to try everything on the menu.

Price For Two: INR 800 


You may have seen this joint while making your way to the Saket malls. It may not look like much, but they can whip up a mean chicken thukpa. They had a quaint little seating area, complete with wicker mudas which they now have refurbished into a small restaurant with a dining space that can fit 5-10 people. It's ideal for a quick bite on the go.

Price For Two: INR 800

Rigo Restaurant

It won't be disappointing to take a trip to Manju Ka Tila especially to have Thukpa at Rigos. From authentic chicken thukpa to even thukpa soup, you'll find it all here. What makes this place perfect for to try Thukpa at is the fact that it's pocket-friendly and has more than just Tibetan food which makes a trip with someone who does not enjoy Tibetan food successful at MKT.

Price For Two: INR 1000

The Himalayan Kitchen

Located at GK M Block II Market, this restaurant is perfect for not just people who love good tibetan food but also their extensive bar menu. They have plenty of good veg options too so take your vegetarian friends here. You must try their Himalayan Special Thukpa from all the other kinds of thukpas that they offer.

Price For Two: INR 1300